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KLIFO Clinical Operations Solutions navigates the unique complexities of individual clinical studies to ensure shortest possible development times, reduced risks and constrained costs. Our experienced staff leverage their in-depth expertise to create scalable and flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Lisbet Vandvig


Lisbet Vandvig holds a Master Degree in Medicine and has been with KLIFO since July 2016. Her activities within the pharma and CRO industry span more than 30 years across sales, marketing and vendor management and include 10 years as head of Clinical Operations in a large pharmaceutical company.
Direct/mobile: +45 44 222 921


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KLIFO Clinical Operations Solutions offers flexible and best-in-class solutions including:

  • Phase I to IV trials
  • First-in human (FIH) trials
  • Trials in Scandinavia
  • International trials in Europe and the U.S. under the auspices of PSN


  • Development of Clinical trial synopsis
  • Development of Clinical trial protocol
  • Site feasibility and site selection
  • Submission of clinical trial application to authorities and ethics committees
  • Initiation of clinical sites
  • Interim monitoring of clinical sites
  • Closing of clinical sites
  • Development of Clinical study reports
  • Clinical project management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Data management and statistics
  • eClinical services
  • Development of eCRFs and CRFs
  • Medical devices
  • Clinical investigational plans
  • Sponsor oversight

Our expert staff

Tina Hjorth

Clinical Research Director

Tina holds a Master in Pharmacy degree and joined KLIFO in March 2017. Tina has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years and has held positions as a Clinical Research Associate, Drug Development Scientist, Lead GCP Auditor and several managerial positions at different levels. Tina has extensive clinical experience and broad knowledge of the disciplines involved in the global execution of clinical trial programmes.

Rikke Sevel

Clinical Research Associate

Sara Hedman

Project Manager

Jennie Wilborgsson

Clinical Research Manager

Jennie joined KLIFO in April 2018. She has 10 years of experience within clinical operations from pharma and CRO. During the last 5 years she has been working with risk-based approaches from risk assessment to ongoing risk management in clinical trials as well as with process implementation of risk based monitoring approaches.

Christoffer Von Sehested

Director, eClinical

Christoffer holds a Master of Pharmacy degree and joined KLIFO in April 2016. He has more than 15 years’ experience within Clinical Operations and Data Capture Design from both pharma, CRO and Biotech, including positions as CRA, Project Manager and Director of Clinical Operations.

Klas Rådberg

Clinical Research Director

Klas holds a Master of Science degree and a PhD within Gastroenterology and joined KLIFO in March 2017. He has 16 years of experience from the clinical trial field where he has worked as project manager and clinical research director at big and mid-sized pharma companies as well as CROs. During these years, Klas has been actively involved in the delivery of more than 35 clinical trials/projects.

Thomas Eskildsen

Project Manager

Thomas holds a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences and joined KLIFO in July 2018. He has 8 years of experience from big pharma companies working with project management within pharmacovigilance, endpoint adjudication, and clinical trial management (phases 1–4).

Trine Jessen

Compliance Coordinator

Camilla Marvig

Clinical Research Associate

Helle Mirchandani

Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Helle joined KLIFO in September 2017 and is a registered nurse, working within Cardiology for a decade. Helle has vast experience in clinical trials. She began on the investigational site in the role of both study nurse and coordinator and later moved on to a position as Clinical Research Associate at a global CRO performing both remote and on-site clinical activities for a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

Lone Roslev

Senior CRA

Lone has worked in the clinical research area for more than 25 years. She has worked for Nycomed, Lundbeck, Janssen Cilag. She joined KLIFO in August 2008 and works as CRA, CRA Training Manager and CRA Manager Lone enjoys to cooperate with the sites and to have the clinical trials performed according to protocol.

Kim Sonne

Senior Data Manager

Kim holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Chemistry. He has more than 10 years of pharma industry experience within IT and Data Management with an emphasis on end-to-end understanding and integration of people, processes and systems. Kim joined KLIFO in December 2018.

Louise Helbo

Project Manager

Louise holds a Master of Pharmacy and joined KLIFO in February 2018. She has more than 10 years of international experience with project management within the pharmaceutical industry where she has worked primarily with site monitoring and clinical trial management (phase 1–3).