Copenhagen, Denmark: 29th October 2020

KLIFO A/S, today announced that it has acquired MediServ, a life science company based in The Netherlands. With this acquisition, KLIFO expands its coverage to four core locations in Europe.

MediServ provides life science services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies. The company’s services include clinical research and regulatory affairs.

The Netherlands is a top country in Europe for export and import of medical devices and holds the eighth position worldwide for patent applications in the field of life sciences and health. This, together, with the proximity of MediServ to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and its established operational base in Belgium, will bolster KLIFO’s ability to provide its clients with even more targeted solutions to help them progress in their drug development journeys.

“KLIFO and MediServ have collaborated over several years through PSN Research which both companies have been partners and shareholders in. So, it seems only natural to integrate this team into the KLIFO family, now that the opportunity has arisen,” explains Alejandra Mørk, chief executive officer for KLIFO.

KLIFO will leverage the current capacity and expertise within MediServ to expand on its own service offering for existing clients and MediServ will be able to draw on KLIFO’s broad range of drug development solutions.

KLIFO is an established and integrated drug development consultancy providing both consulting and operational services in all areas of drug development to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. KLIFO was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Denmark with affiliate offices in Munich, Germany, Lund, Sweden and now Eindhoven, The Netherlands. KLIFO has more than 150 highly skilled staff.

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