Our core ambition is to support our clients by advancing the progress of their drug development projects, and over the past decade, we have grown to a point, where we can offer all the necessary end-to-end expertise and competences to achieve this. It has enabled us to partner with both biotech and pharmaceutical companies and assist them in navigating the drug development process and successfully bring their products to market. Our more than 200 highly-qualified staff, all with industry experience, offer expert consulting and operational services throughout the entire drug development process.

Our solutions span all areas of drug development. No matter your need, or where you are in the drug development process, we can assemble a team of experts appropriate to the task at hand. We can support you by:

  • Providing your organisation with the right expert advice at the right time
  • Being a strategic partner throughout the entire drug development process
  • Being a reliable supplier to take care of all your project needs

Whether your organisation is pressed on time, resources or expertise, we are able to assemble a team of relevant expert consultants to assist you. We strive to build flexible and trust-based partnerships, in which we work as an integrated part of your team to deliver solutions that are not only cost-effective and compliant, but also tailored to your project-specific needs. This approach to working with our clients has deep roots in our core values.

KLIFO has operational sites in Copenhagen, Denmark, Munich, Germany, Lund, Sweden and Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

How we work

At KLIFO we believe in collaboration, both internally among our staff and together with the companies we partner with. Only through collaboration is it possible to foresee and mitigate the many complexities associated with developing a new medical drug or device or bringing products to market.
Each and every drug development process is unique – acknowledging and embracing this is key to successfully bringing a new product to market. At KLIFO our starting point is to always listen to our clients’ needs and aspirations and based on this we can develop customised and efficient solutions.
The drug development process can take many years and the path can be costly and complex. Yet, at KLIFO we always have confidence in each other’s capacity, and this helps us to stay positive and develop novel solutions, also when faced with a difficult challenge. We have the same approach to working with our clients; building trust-based relationships plays a pivotal role in how we work.
Each milestone along the drug development journey requires unique skills and special expertise. KLIFO always strives to attract and retain the leading experts from all fields of drug development. We invest in our people and encourage their growth and development, so they can continue to offer the best possible solutions for our clients.

Key events at KLIFO

Apr 22

Gilde Healthcare acquires majority stake in KLIFO to support international growth ambitions

Oct 01

KLIFO acquires MediServ and establishes an office in Eindhoven

Oct 01

For the 6th year in a row, KLIFO receives the prestigious Gazelle prize

Jan 30

KLIFO office established in Sweden

KLIFO acquires Munich-based medicomp GmbH

Jan 30

Quality Assurance Solutions established

Nov 20

KLIFO becomes a member of Trial Nation

Nov 24

KLIFO joins Danish public-private NEXT Partnership

Nov 23

CMC Development Solutions established

Nov 22

KLIFO joins the Danish public-private NEXT partnership

Nov 23

Pharmacovigilance Solutions established

Nov 23

Regulatory Affairs Solutions established

Nov 23

Drug Development Counselling Solutions established

Nov 22

Alejandra Mørk acquires KLIFO and joins as CEO

Nov 22

Clinical Trial Supply Solutions established

Nov 22

KLIFO joins PSNResearch

Nov 22

KLIFO is founded in Denmark as a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)

Management team 

Alejandra Mørk


Alejandra Mørk joined KLIFO in January 2008 as CEO and main shareholder. Previously, she worked for Nycomed Pharma for 18 years, in various management positions in drug development and lifecycle management.

Alejandra chairs the Danish Pharmaceutical Society, is a board member of Danish Biotech and a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. She is also part of the EUCROF Paediatric Working Group.

Hanne Wulff Nielsen


Hanne holds a Ph.D. in biopharmaceutics and has more than 25 years of pharma industry experience within pharmaceutical product development, business development, project and vendor management, marketing and medical affairs. She joined KLIFO in January 2019 and prior to this she has held specialist and leadership positions in large pharmaceutical companies and in biotech.

Direct/mobile: + 45 44 222 903
Email: moc.ofilk@neslein.ennah

Christina Vinum


Christina Vinum joined KLIFO in February 2011 as Senior Clinical Trial Supply Coordinator and became Director of Clinical Trial Supply in January 2012 and VP: Clinical Trial Supply in 2014. Christina has more than 15 years experience with clinical trial supplies, first at Nycomed from 2001 as Clinical Trial Supply Coordinator and, from January 2009, as Head of Clinical Supply for Nycomed CTS departments in Denmark and Germany.

Direct/mobile: +45 44 222 960
Email: moc.ofilk@muniv.anitsirhc

Klas Rådberg


Klas holds a Master of Science degree and a PhD within Gastroenterology and joined KLIFO in March 2017. He has 16 years of experience from the clinical trial field where he has worked as project manager and clinical research director at big and mid-sized pharma companies as well as CROs. During these years, Klas has been actively involved in the delivery of more than 35 clinical trials/projects.

Direct/mobile: + 45 44 222 935
Email: moc.ofilk@grebdaar.salk

Anne Tingsgård


Anne Tingsgård holds a Master of Pharmacy degree and joined KLIFO in September 2014. She has more than 30 years’ regulatory affairs experience from both big pharma and private consulting, including two years as CEO and COO in A-consult.

Direct/mobile: +45 44 222 940
Email: moc.ofilk@draagsgnit.enna

Peter Grand


Peter Grand holds a degree within Production Engineering and Business & Administration and joined KLIFO in November 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. He brings eight years of experience from the pharma industry followed by six years within consultancy towards pharma. For the last 10 years, Peter has held several positions as COO.

Direct/mobile: +45 44 222 966
Email: moc.ofilk@dnarg.retep

Board of Directors

Rafael Natanek

Board Member

Rafael Natanek is partner in the private equity team of Gilde Healthcare.  He is involved with deal origination, deal execution and serves on the supervisory boards of investee companies. Rafael is co-responsible for portfolio management activities. Prior to joining Gilde Healthcare, Rafael was partner at Bain & Company in London, where he advised private equity funds on healthcare transactions, and pharmaceutical and medtech companies on strategy, organization and commercial issues. Prior to Bain, he was with McKinsey & Company. Rafael holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology, and a MSc in Biomedicine from Lund University, Sweden. He did his thesis at UC Berkeley, California.

Redmar Koene

Board Member

Redmar Koene is an investment professional at Gilde Healthcare. He is involved with deal origination and deal execution and serves on the supervisory boards or equivalent of investee companies like KLIFO and Synexa (bioanalytical CRO). In addition, he worked with Symeres (drug discovery CRO) on strategy and M&A, as well as with several other companies on executing successful buy-and-build agenda’s. Prior to joining Gilde Healthcare, he worked as investment professional at a Swiss-based investment company, investing in both listed as non-listed companies. Redmar has a MSc Finance and a MSc Accounting.

Mette Kirstine Agger

Board Member

Mette Kirstine was previously co-founder and CEO of 7TM Pharma A/S and has a broad international experience within biotech/life science covering business development and licensing, management and financing.

Mette has been appointed to numerous board positions both in private and public companies. Mette Kirstine Agger graduated as Biologist from the University of Copenhagen and has an MBA.